Mobile application & Mobile website development

Mobile application & Mobile website development

  • Design
  • Static pages (About us, Contacts, Testimonials etc)
  • Service pages (online order, online appointment)
  • Notification services (e-mail, push notifications)


  • We provide mobile application and mobile website development in very attractive price.

    This package will be interesting for owners of cafe, restaurants, spa&beauty salons, clinics etc. You can choose design and layout, which static pages should be in your mobile application or website. Also you can have services like online order and online appointment. For notification of your clients you can use push notifications with targeting and mailing.

Why you should have mobile website and mobile application?

Here is a very simple answer!

The website will catch new customers for you and mobile application will keep your regular customers. So with this package you will have powerful tool set to cover all of your clients.

You can get this package for one time or on monthly basis.

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